Standard Operating Protocol- Department of State Transport, Haryana

Standard Operating Protocol to be adopted regarding inter-state travel in buses of Haryana Roadways.
  1. Special New Delhi Railway Station Service: Bus service to and from Delhi is currently available only for railway passengers boarding or alighting at New Delhi Railway station.
  2. The buses being employed for ferrying passengers should be fully sanitised inside out.
  3. Sanitiser bottles must be kept inside the buses at all times and must be used by the bus staff from time to time at regular intervals.
  4. The wearing of masks by everyone aboard the bus and on bus stands must be strictly adhered to by all. All passengers should carry sanitizers with them.
  5. The passengers intending to undertake the said inter-state travel must carry their identity proofs and tickets, in physical form alongwith a photocopy of each.
  6. The bus staff as well as passengers must have aarogya setu app downloaded in their mobile phones while they travel with all relevant details filled in. The app should be functional at all times.
  7. It must be ensured that the staff and passengers are free of any NCOViD symptoms. If any such person is aboard, he or she must immediately be de-boarded and sent home and the people in contact with him must be home quarantined for fourteen days.
  8. While passengers are boarding, their thermal screening must be ensured by the staff deployed there. No passenger should be allowed to board if he or she is running high temperature. The staff doing thermal screening must be wearing PPE kit while doing the screening and should sanitise themselves properly and adequately.
  9. The number of passengers aboard one bus shall not exceed 30 at any time under any circumstance.
  10. The passengers shall ensure following NCOViD protocol and shall maintain physical distancing at bus stands and in the bus, not spit inside the bus or outside and at bus stands and other public places, cover their faces while sneezing and coughing.